Configuration Management

SBRConsulting can automate your Device Configuration Management. This incudes daily backups of your network devices and, maybe most importantly, a listing of the changes made since the last backup. This can be usefule for going back to an old configuration. The real benefit is in seeing when a hacker has made a change to a configuration so you can get the device back to normal operation.

The system also allows for making bulk device updates. For example, all Mikrotik routers could be scheduled to update Sunday morning at 2:00AM.

Devices that can be managed include:

  • Cambium ePMP series
  • Cisco
  • D-Link 1510,3200,3528,3552,3620 Switches
  • Dell PowerConnect, RTOS and OS10 switches
  • HP ProCurve switches (and other HP products)
  • Mikrotik RouterOS Devices
  • Netonix Switches
  • Planet Switches
  • TP-Link JetStream and Smart Switch switches
  • Ubiquiti airFiber, airMax, EdgePoint, EdgeRouter, EdgeSwitch, ToughSwitch, Unifi APs, Unifi Switches
  • Many many more.