Datto (Autotask) Integration

The Autotask/Avalara Connector allows for the automatic addition of Communication taxes and fees to an Autotask invoice as contract charges. Each night the recurring services due the next day will be parsed and taxes applied to the applicable items. This integration requires a subscription to Avalara.

The system includes a web-based front-end that allows the user to set the relationships between Avalara Transaction/Service Pairs and Autotask Services.

It also allows the user to select items and/or services and submit them to Avalara to obtain taxes for preparing quotes. These taxes are not included in Avalara's reporting.

In addition, administrators can submit an invoice to Avalara to be taxed. These taxes will be included in Avalara's reporting.

Administrators can manage users. Permissions are available to allow submission of quotes, invoices and to manage the T/S pairs relationship to Autotask services.

The connector has a $500.00 setup fee and is then billed monthly at 1/2% (0.005) of the calculated taxes.

For more information or support you may email sreed@sbrconsulting-llc.com. You are also welcome to schedule a time to talk via Calendly.