Systems Integration

SBRConsulting offers customized system integration as well as some that are almost ready-to-run.

Our view of system integration is built around the concept that all data should be kept in only one place or one place should be the authoritative store and all usage should be based on it.

Billing data should be in your billing system, employee data should be in your HR system.

Sometimes one system needs data that is stored in another, authoritative, system.

Sometime it is logical to only display the data needed, but not re-store it.

Other times it works best to store a non-authoritative copy for use in the second system.

We have done both types of integration.

The first one, only display the pertinent data is represented by our BillMax in ZenDesk integration.

Here, when a ticket is opened in ZenDesk, we use the customer ID to lookup related billing and services information in BillMax.

That data is then displayed in a small pane in the larger window within the ZenDesk window.

If the user wants more detail, a click on the customers BillMax account number opens another, larger, window that displays all of the packages and services the customer is subscribed.

The second type of integration is represented by our BillMax to MailChimp integration.

In this case, MailChimp needs to store the data it uses to create its mail lists in its own database.

However, BillMax is the authoritative store for the data, so once per day we push the relevant data from BillMax to MailChimp.

This way MailChimp always has current data, but BillMax retains the authority.

These examples show a couple of ways we can help you get the data you have to where you want to use it.

Whether it is real-time like the BillMax/ZenDesk example or a timed push from one system to another we can help you improve your workflow and employee efficiency.