Subscriber Signup add to CRM

We have developed a system that allows an ISP to designate Zip Codes that are the service area. If Zip Codes cover a larger area than the ISP desires to provide a group of services, neighborhoods within the Zip Code. Based on zip code and optional neighborhood selected by the subscriber, the system displays the available services from the billing system.

After the subscriber selects the desired service, the system can optionally display a map so the subscriber can confirm the service location. Once the subscriber confirms the location, the system can optionally use an external system to confirm service is available at the location.

If the location is not serviceable, the system asks the subscriber if they would like to be put on a waitlist. If they choose to be put on the waitlist, the system adds them to the billing system in an option status such as lead. The subscriber and ISP will receive an email confirming the desire to be on the waitlist. If the subscriber does not wish to be placed on the waitlist, a thank you page is displayed.

Once all of the required information is collected a contact is created in the CRM. If the CRM allows it, the selected service is added to the contact. The contact status is set based upon the system configuration Upon completion, the subscriber is sent an email confirmation of their request and the isp sent an email notification of the sign-up.