Synchronization is having events happening, existing, or arising at the same time. For many systems this means updates to the data in one system occur in another systems immediately. This is important for systems that are based on the same data but are used for different functions or by different people. Synchronization also makes it possible to maintain a single authoritative source for each type of data. When the authoritative source is update, the other systems are also updated.

Our Synchronizations

We have developed several synchronization systems to aid in keeping data the same in multiple applications. This includes synchronization between billing systems and CRM systems, billing systems and mail list systems, and billing systems and help-desk systems.

Our Integrations

We have developed several integration systems to move data from one system to another to provide a more robust user experience or to allow the automation of the billing process. These integrations include voice provider to billing system, billing system to tax calculation system, billing system to devices for provisioning, and billing system and RF propagation systems to allow user self sign up for services.

We have also done integrations to gather data from various types of hardware to automatically keep other systems up to date with configuration changes.